Black Swallow Living Soils


The best compost is the one that you make yourself. It takes time and sweat equity, but the reward comes when you empty your compost bin and spread the rich results over your garden soil filled with the expectations of harvests to come.

We have spent considerable time sourcing and testing composts in order to provide you with a quality organic input that is such a fundamental corner stone to a great soil.

Compost - but with caution

Fish Compost

Fish Compost

Our fish compost is produced from the fish offal from the clean waters of the North Channel. It is mixed with sawdust from the lumber industry for its carbon content, and then is taken through as extensive composting process. We have tested and used this product ourselves, and find it to be an excellent compost.

cu/ft $15
cu/yard $350
Leaf Compost

Leaf Compost

cu/ft $5
cu/yard $55
Worm Castings

Worm Castings

cu/ft $16
cu/yard $300