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Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Tad Hussey runs Keep It Simple, Inc, a small family business, which was founded by his parents. After studying in both Washington and Australia, Tad returned to the States and took over the research, microscope testing and consulting of the family company. Under his direction, the company has grown into a multi-faceted organization composed of a nursery, production greenhouse, and an organic hydro shop offering unique biological, organic and mineral amendments

Tad is central to the canna community in the Western US, and wanted to create a series of podcasts which highlight some of the leading experts and authors in the field of plant nutrition and soil health. In these podcasts which he posts to his site, he converses with many of these individuals, the results of which provides hours of fascinating insight into areas of plant growth and cannabis production that are very difficult to find elsewhere.

Tad has graciously allowed Black Swallow to repost these podcasts on our own website for our customer’s benefit. For this generosity, we are deeply grateful! You will find a great series of blogs that Tad has also written on his own website- Kisorganics.com.

Episode 43 Latest Research in Cannabis Cultivation with Dr. Allison Justice

Episode 42 Fertilizer and Pesticides in Cannabis with the Oregon Department of Agriculture

Episode 41 Q and A with Jeremy Plumb of Pruf Cultivar

Episode 40 Jeremy Plumb, Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar

Episode 39 Branding and Marketing with Shango Los Part 2

Episode 38 Branding and Marketing with Shango Los Part 1

Episode 37 A Deeper Dive into Mycorrhizal Fungi with Jim Eagan

Episode 36 Plant Probiotics with Sarah Pellkofer

Episode 35 Mineral Balancing and Soil Test Analysis with Aaron Crozier

Episode 34 Are Bottled Nutrients a Thing of the Past? Nelson Lindsley Shares His Opinion and Announces a New Collaboration!

Episode 33 The Bug Lady is Back to Discuss Scouting and Cannabis Pests

Episode 32 Korean Natural Farming with Chris Trump

Episode 31 Learn from World Record Holder Ron Wallace about Giant Pumpkins and Yield

Episode 30 Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and VPD with Travis Higginbotham

Episode 29 The Right Tool for the Job with Kurt Becker

Episode 28 How Fish Products Are Made And What The Differences Are with Casey Schoenberger

Episode 27 The Role of Lighting in Plant Growth with Fluence Bioengineering

Episode 26 The Hidden Half of Nature with Anne Biklé

Episode 25 Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life with Geologist David Montgomery

Episode 24 Running a Commercial Cannabis Facility with Nate Gibbs of Gold Leaf Gardens

Episode 23 Blumat Irrigation with Damian Koch Part 2

Episode 22 Blumat Irrigation with Steve Troy

Episode 21 Chris Jagger of Blue Fox Farms

Episode 20 LEAN Farming with Ben Hartman

Episode 19 Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans aka 'The Bug Lady' is back!

Episode 18 A Deeper Look at Containers with William Evans

Episode 17 Understanding Soil Testing with Agronomist Kris Borgman

Episode 16 Permaculture and Cannabis with Jessi Bloom

Episode 15 Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans aka

Episode 14 All About Biochar with Renel Anderson

Episode 13 The Future of Cannabis Cultivation with Jaya Palmer

Episode 12 Biological Horticulture Consultant Jaya Palmer

Episode 11 Dr. Faust of BioAg on Humic and Fulvic Acids

Episode 10 Practical Advice for Increasing Yield with Nelson Lindsley

Episode 9 Lighting Technology and the Poetry of Plants with Nelson Lindsley

Episode 8 Clackamas Coot weighs in on

Episode 7 Clackamas Coot talks about worm bins, peat moss, and building soil

Episode 6 Steve Solomon covers Soil Remineralization and Nutrient Density

Episode 5 Compost tea and microscope guru Tim Wilson talks living soil, vermicomposting, and soil exudates

Episode 4 David Perron discusses Living Soil, Insect Frass, and Commercial Production

Episode 3 Clackamas Coot talks Worm Castings, Malted Barley, Peat Moss, and Coot's Soil Mix

Episode 2 Jeff Lowenfels explains Mycorrhizal Fungi, Compost Teas, and the Soil Food Web

Episode 1 Introduction with Tad Hussey