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Episode 17 Understanding Soil Testing with Agronomist Kris Borgman

Tad speaks with Kris Borgman in this episode, who earned a Bachelors of Science in Crop and Soil Science from Washington State University and has 19 years’ experience in agronomy, field management, sustainable programs surrounding agricultural, turf and natural environments. He is the currently the President of Agronomy for UNIBEST International who are the makers of the Soil Savvy Test Kits. The Ion Exchange technology in these kits has been utilized by large agribusiness companies like Wilbur Ellis, McGregor, Crop Production Services, Simplot, and more. Kris also manages a large family drylands and irrigated wheat farming operation in Eastern Washington. Tad and Kris talk about many aspects of soil analysis and what it means for your garden, as well as the Soil Savvy Test kits and the considerable advantages that this new tool can bring to helping you understand exactly what is going on in your soil.

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