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Black Swallow Living Soils

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We specialize in bulk, quality soil inputs that will enhance the soil biology to help maximize the health, yield and nutritional quality of your gardens. We have proven the benefits of these products in our own gardens, and have seen the kinds of improvements that you also can experience.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Episode 76: Cultivation Startups and Beanstalk Agriculture with Nelson Lindsley

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All about living soil

Whether growing indoors or out, in the ground or in pots - you can add amendments to your soil that will transform the quality, abundance, nutritional content and flavor of your garden.

Black Swallow Living Soils endeavours to provide a wide range of products that can be used in your gardening practices that will allow you to build and maintain a healthy ecosystem in your soils, which in turn feeds, strengthens and benefits your plants. Only by focusing on the symbiosis of plants and soil in our approach to our gardens can we achieve optimal plant growth. Our aim is to help you produce a healthy living ecosystem in your soil that will allow you to increase the production, flavour and nutritional content of your plants while decreasing the negative pressures from pests and disease.

If we focus on building the strength and health of our soil ecosystems, we then achieve the highest levels of plant heath. This is not the old model of feeding plants directly by adding salt based, water soluble fertilizers to our soils that we think the plant needs. Instead, we enhance the natural soil microbiology, stimulate the bacterial and fungal growth and in turn provide an excess of energy and bio available nutrients that encourages the plants to thrive. Feed the life in the soil- feed the plants. It’s that simple!


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