Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 59 There's been little to no research on what nutrient deficiencies look like when analyzing leaf tissue. Paul Cockson shares his recently published paper on the subject

Paul Cockson has been working with plants since 2008. His love for plants was a lifelong passion that developed and grew through the Nebraska Master Gardener program and through his involvement with Hubner’s Nursery. Paul received his BS from NC State during which time he published 5 refereed journal articles, received the International Society for Horticulture Society for Horticulture Science Young Minds award, published over 20 extension and outreach publications, and published 3 e-books. Paul has a passion for scientific investigation with the end goal of providing growers and producers with applicable and impactful production knowledge and practices. Paul is currently pursing his MS in horticulture at NC State under the direction of Dr. Brian E. Whipker.

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