Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 35 Mineral Balancing and Soil Test Analysis with Aaron Crozier

Tad talks a lot about soil testing on this podcast and how important it is. He wanted to get someone on the show to have a discussion about how to understand and evaluate these soil tests because getting a soil test is one thing, but understanding how to use that information can be something else entirely.

His guest this week is Aaron Crozier. Aaron is a soil and plant health consultant, You can check him out on Instagram as @Growru.

Aaron is passionate about using soil and sap testing to improve the quality of the soil and plants. Aaron teaches growers how to re-mineralize there soil and then work on increasing plant health.

Aaron has been growing cannabis for over two decades and working in the industry almost as long. Over the last 4 years Aaron has been doing soil amendment recommendations for cultivation sites all across North America. Aaron is an organic grower and gardener that transitioned to organic living soil after doing testing of different methods in his personal garden. He is currently working on becoming a certified crop advisor.

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