Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 52 Justin Magill, Head Grower for Legit Farms, shares his experiences growing in living soil in beds over the past decade

In this podcast, Tad interviews his good friend Justin Magill. Justin is the head grower for Legit Cannabis North, a legal indoor cannabis facility here in Washington State. Justin has been growing using living soils in beds longer than anyone else he knows and he has been instrumental in developing the KIS Soil and working out methodology around re-amendment.

This podcast was an opportunity to share some of what he's learned over the past decade through experience, and Justin shares both his successes and failures, which I think is really helpful to growers.

Tad's hope is that some of what he shares will inspire growers to try new ideas and that further research into some of these subjects will eventually be published to support his findings.

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