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Episode 11 Dr. Faust of BioAg on Humic and Fulvic Acids

In this episode, Tad Hussey from Kis Organics interviews Dr. Robert Faust, President of Bioag. Robert Faust attended the University of Delaware College of agriculture and his major there was entomology and applied ecology. Later he received a B.S degree from University of the State of N.Y, an accredited university in Albany, N.Y. His Masters of Science is in Agronomy where his thesis was field research on the use of ecological and organic methods for crop production and the use of humates and bio-based fertilizers in large-scale production in Idaho. He received his PhD from Columbia Pacific University.

Dr. Faust lived in California for many years where he was a licensed pest control advisor and IPM specialist who advised organic farmers on soil and pest management, conducted contract bio-pesticide research, and was a commercial sales manager for Safer Inc. a company that produced and sold alternative pest management products. He also conducted organic certification inspection and consulting with the organic farmers in Hawaii.

Here, Tad and Robert discuss the fascinating world of humic and fulvic acids that are vital to proper soil health and plant nutrition.

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