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Episode 55 Dr Bronner's CEO, David Bronner, talks about the Sun+Earth Certification and Brother David's non profit company

This week’s podcast is with David Bronner, CEO aka Cosmic Engagement Officer for Dr. Bronners, the top selling brand of natural soaps in North America. Not only do they make the best soap, but they’ve dedicated themselves to advocacy around our food supply, regenerative organic agriculture, animal welfare, fair labor practices, and responsible integration of cannabis and psychedelic medicine into American and global culture. In my opinion, this is one of the best examples of how a company can operate ethically and sustainably in today’s society and it was an honor to spend this time with David. Tad could spend the entire podcast just talking of all the amazing thing Dr. Bronner’s has done for the community and it’s employees, but the main purpose was to discuss their partnership on the Sun + Earth Certification for cannabis and the non-profit David has helped in establishing called Brother David’s.

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