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Episode 49 Controlled Environment Agriculture and HVAC with Dr. Greenhouse

Controlled Environment Agriculture is such a technical field that it can be confusing and a bit daunting for growers. It's importance gets overlooked many times when discussing variables relating to plant growth and plant health. Tad's honored to have Dr. Nadia Sabeh on to help explain some of the key principles to consider when growing indoors or greenhouse environments.

Dr. Nadia Sabeh (A.K.A. “Dr. Greenhouse”) is President and Founder of Dr. Greenhouse, Inc., an agricultural and mechanical engineering firm that specializes in the design of HVAC systems for indoor plant environments. Dr. Sabeh has her PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) and is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in the State of California. For over 20 years, she has dedicated her education and career to helping farmers control their environments, allowing them to grow crops indoors, in greenhouses and in facilities that would otherwise be impossible or impractical to do so.

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