Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 53 Colin Bell, co-founder of Mammoth Microbes, talks about the functional roles of microbes in relation to soil and plant health

Colin Bell is the Co-founder, co-inventor and Chief Growth Officer at Growcentia, parent company of Mammoth. Colin completed his Ph.D. in Soil Microbial Ecology in 2009. As a Research Scientist at Colorado State University, Colin published dozens of peer reviewed publications that were focused on elucidating microbial mediated processes that enhance plant growth. Colin left his academic position at Colorado State University in March 2015 to launch Mammoth, a young company in the Ag-Tech sector that develops microbial biostimulants to sustainably increase plant yield, and all natural biocontrol products to prevent pests. Their first product, MAMMOTH P® is a beneficial bacterial bloom stimulant that targets phosphorus cycling to maximize both quality and yield in cannabis plants.

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