Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 12 Biological Horticulture Consultant Jaya Palmer

Tad’s guest this episode is Jaya Palmer, a biological horticulture consultant with a passion for sustainable human settlement and cognitive liberty. His mission is to excite and inspire people to utilize cannabis as a fulcrum to raise consciousness. Jaya believes we can realize the genetic potential of plants with organic, regenerative methods that focus on feeding and diversifying biology in soil.

Jay met Jaya back in 2011 literally on the day he was mixing one of his first batches of KIS Soil. At the time I was running our family business manufacturing compost tea brewing machines. We hit it off pretty quickly, talking about different aspects of growing and since that time, Jaya has been the one coordinating much of our field research and testing and one of my “go to” guys regarding beneficial insects, lighting, product testing, and much more.

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