Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 61 Agronomist and Author Bill McKibben talks about how the Logan Labs soil test works on potting soils and takes us step by step through some test results

This week’s podcast relates to soil testing. A lot of growers and cannabis consultants use soil tests to make fertility decisions for this crop. What Tad learned in the last two weeks really changed the way he views these tests and his conversation with our next guest will hopefully explain in better detail how these tests work, what information on them is most useful, and what we should be basing our production decisions on.

This week’s guest is Bill McKibben. Bill is an accomplished agronomist and author of 2 books relating to soils. The art of balancing soil nutrients and the growers guide to balancing soil nutrients. He has been consulting on soil fertility since 1976 and graduated in 1975 from The Ohio State University with a Masters of science in soil chemistry. He is a consultant to Logan Labs and the owner of Soil Tech Inc. I’ve talked to Bill in the past regarding soil testing but this latest conversation we focused on potting soils or highly amended soils, what many of us in the industry call super soils or living soil.

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