Black Swallow Living Soils

Episode 37 A Deeper Dive into Mycorrhizal Fungi with Jim Eagan

Tad has already done some podcasts discussing mycorrhizal fungi, including one with Jeff Lowenfels that you should check out. He did this interview though, to get a different perspective on mycorrhizal fungi from someone who has been involved in the industry and selling and using it for over a decade.

Tad's guest in this podcast is Jim Eagan. Jim has been working for Plant Revolution Inc. for more than a decade. Having been the first company to bring mycorrhizal inoculants to commercial applications, he and the company have been spreading the good news of the benefits of healthy soil to gardeners, landscapers, and farmers all over the world. His degree in environmental studies, his work in the permaculture community, and his experience running a small farm form a background that has given him a deep understanding of the importance of soil organisms for plant and ecosystem health. He continues to learn and explore the fascinating worlds of food production, native ecosystems, and sustainability.

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